Do You Have a UniquePlace?

Uniqueness Factors


Intrinsic and interdependent natural values contribute to the quality of, and help sustain life for every living entity on earth. Biodiversity, native habitats and otherwise significant natural areas benefit both biological and human communities.

A Closer Look

Ecological - Protected

Places preserved for generations to come through special legal agreements such as conservation easements.

Ecological - Native Species

Native species help sustain and improve natural ecosystems. Plants and animals that are indigenous to a specific region or area rely on native conditions to remain in existence.

Ecological - Habitat

Identification, protection and support of native habitats are critical aspects of owning and stewarding a UniquePlace™.


Places and structures from the past are not only treasures, but also serve as a guide to help us learn how we can prepare for our future. Our continuing experience with these places help inform and maintain their significance for future generations.

A Closer Look

Historic - Protected

Properties with historic value protected by a variety of means including an historic conservation easement or landmark designation.


Local food production and farming are keystones to a sustainable way of life for small and large communities alike. Reduced energy consumption, an increase in food quality and creation of vibrant communities are benefits of places that contribute to local foodsheds.

A Closer Look

Agriculture - Protected

Working agricultural lands protected under conservation easement agreements that allow cultivation to continue and protect the land from incompatible uses.


Where individuals choose to interact with one another, provide inspiration to thrive as well as the comfort of a place to call home. Location is the foundation of how we experience place.

A Closer Look

Location - Walkability

Areas that are conducive to walking offer many environmental, health and economic benefits.

Location - Adjacency

Properties that are adjacent to natural, cultural or community resources and provide a unique sense of place.

Location - Waterfront

Water can be soothing and inspirational and can also provide important habitat or recreation opportunities.

Location - Scenic

Areas that afford pleasing views of beautiful natural surroundings and contribute to the character of a community.


Certain places provide a significant contribution to the local community and economy. These places source goods locally, are locally owned, or otherwise support the local community in which they operate.

A Closer Look

Locally Made

Properties that produce locally made goods or materials contribute to the local economy and help communities remain vibrant and sustainable.


The culture of some communities is unique in and of itself. Some UniquePlaces™ contribute to a community’s culture through their history or function.

Locally Owned

Local ownership allows a property and its owners to become integrated into a community and add to the vibrancy of a region.

Locally Sourced

The use of locally sourced materials stimulates the local economy and keeps resources within the community.


Places utilizing forward-thinking energy practices such as increased efficiency, and solar, wind and geothermal power generation.


Award-winning places and properties honored for innovation, high quality, or other significant characteristics, are prime illustrations of how our society can transform spaces with the ultimate goal of both function and sustainability.


Places with an interdisciplinary, intentional approach to structural and landscape design reflect and create an environment that is enduring, balanced and sincere.

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Do you have a UniquePlace to Live?  Whether you own a home, ranch, farm or open land, we would like to hear from you!

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Uniqueness Factors
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