General FAQ

We know you have looked tirelessly for that special place to live to call your home. You may have even searched for “unique home” on Google, and found a range of properties and homes that surprised you with their “unique” features. But have you found a website that actually uses a set of rigorous standards and criteria that certifies a home or property as Unique? And have you found a way to search for homes or properties that fit seamlessly into the way you envision living your life? Look no further, UniquePlaces to Live (UP2Live) enables you to search for “Certified Unique” homes and properties that meet your life’s vision.

What we do
UP2Live is an enhanced, comprehensive real estate listing and marketing website that features distinctive homes and properties. A new kind of real-estate search, UP2Live only lists places that are Certified UniquePlaces.

We are transforming the traditional real estate search by featuring homes or properties that contribute to the social, environmental and cultural characteristics of a community. By purchasing or renting places on UP2Live, you can be confident that you are supporting local economies and contributing to sustainable systems and ways of living. You can create a sense of connection, collaboration and cooperation within your community. Ultimately, you can make a positive difference in how you live by selling, buying or renting properties featured on UP2Live.

What does it mean to be a Certified UniquePlace to Live?
There will be a broad range of homes and properties at a variety of prices points available on UP2Live. However, there are only eight (8) Uniqueness Factors which contribute to certifying a home or property as a UniquePlace. These Uniqueness Factors determine what properties will be listed on UP2Live.

Uniqueness Factors:

  • Ecological:  Natural places that include rare species or high quality habitat.
  • Recognition: Award winning places recognized by a third party for innovation, excellence or other significant characteristics.
  • Sustainability: Places that demonstrate an innovation or commitment to resource and energy conservation.
  • Architecture: Notable places of interdisciplinary, creative approaches to structural and landscape design.
  • Historic: Treasured places of the past that help inform the future.
  • Local: Places that provides significant contributions to the local community and economy.
  • Agriculture: Places where the production of food, fiber or agrarian services benefit the immediate community.
  • Location: Places that afford proximity and access to prominent experiences.

What are some examples of the characteristics that a Certified UniquePlace might have?
Characteristics may include:

  • A historic home that is on, or qualifies for, the National or State Registry of Historic Places
  • A property with a distinctive or notable story, aesthetic, or theme
  • An “off the grid” or demonstrably “low energy use” building
  • An organic or biodynamic farm
  • Raw land with uncommon ecological features such as old growth forest, state champion trees, rare species and habitats, spectacular views, or immediate proximity to public lands
  • A property that has conservation protections, or be a viable candidate for conservation protections.

What is the background experience of the UP2Live team?
The UP2Live team is comprised of some of the most talented professionals in their respective fields. With more than 100 years of collective experience in real estate and land and resource conservation, the team brings their rigorous evaluation, discerning eyes and values to each and every property that is listed on UP2Live.