For Sellers or Brokers

Why should I feature my home or property with UP2Live?
The audience for a Certified UniquePlace are savvy buyers looking for that distinctive, exclusive property – not the cookie cutter places you see on other real estate listing websites that target the masses. Working with UP2Live differentiates a property, confirms its status as one of a kind and provides exclusivity in a market of similarity. UP2Live connects the audience specifically to the values, lifestyle and community in which they are seeking to live.

Here are just a few reasons why you should showcase your home on UP2Live:

1) There is an active, but untapped market for people who are seeking a home and environment that contributes to the well being of the future for themselves and for others. These individuals recognize the inherent value of a Certified UniquePlace.

2) Not every home or property will be listed on the UP2Live website; only those meeting UP2Live’s rigorous certification standards . This provides exclusivity and an enhanced branding and marketing opportunity for the listed home or property.

3) Through UP2Live’s cinematography and storytelling that focuses on the Uniqueness Factors, UP2Live offers the potential buyer or renter a virtual experience that is unmatched in the marketplace today. UP2Live is highlighting a lifestyle for the future owner/renter to visualize before even calling you to schedule an appointment.

4) UP2Live focuses its marketing and listings on those not being reached by local advertising, marketing or local real-estate professionals. By marketing your Certified UniquePlace on the UP2Live website, you will give your home or property direct exposure to those individuals who are seeking such properties.

Can UP2Live help me figure out the value of my home or property?
While the UP2Live team cannot directly appraise or value your property, we can use our expertise in real estate and land and resource conservation to develop the Uniqueness Factors that may contribute to the true value of your home or property. You could be missing out on critical elements, such as your property’s unique biological and historical background. These are attributes that may be essential in developing a comprehensive assessment of the assets and value of your home or property.

How do I know if my home is a Certified UniquePlace to Live?
Our goal is to become the most trusted resource in the identification and certification of the most UniquePlaces to Live. To accomplish this goal, each home or property must pass through several phases of evaluation before we award the Certified UniquePlace stamp of approval. The certification process consists of several interviews with the owners and/or real-estate broker, as well as researching and evaluating property records and conducting on the ground site visits. Being a Certified UniquePlace is a verifiable statement that there is value in the inherent characteristics of your property.

How long does it take to determine if my property will be Certified UniquePlace?
The timeframe can very and depends on the complexity of the property evaluation. However, the UP2Live team will respond to your initial email or phone request within 24 hours. Once the UP2Live team has obtained preliminary information about your property, the evaluation process begins. The UP2Live project manager handling your request will walk you through each step of the certification process to determine if your property is a Certified UniquePlace. If your home or property is evaluated to be a Certified UniquePlace we will then work with you to develop a timeline for showcasing it on UP2Live.

Who makes edits to my listing once it is up on the UP2Live website?
The UP2Live team will edit your listings with any copy/content changes. Just email or call your UP2Live project manager or call UP2Live main line at 828-348-0297.

If someone is interested in my home or property, who gets contacted?
The person or brokerage listed on the contact section of your listing will be the primary point of contact for any interested buyers or renters

How do I start the certification and listing process with UP2Live?
There are three ways to submit a request to UP2Live: 1) You may submit your request for evaluation of your property on-line via the Do You Have a UniquePlace Submission Form; (2) Call UP2Live’s direct line at 828-348-0297; or (3) Ask your professional real estate representative to contact UP2Live.

What features and services come with my listing?
If your home or property is deemed a Certified UniquePlace, you will have a host of services and features to choose from. Please visit our Services page for more details.

Are there fees for listing my home or property on UP2Live?
There is an annual fee of $120 for hosting your home or property on UP2Live. This fee is included in your initial listing and will only be charged again if your home or property is listed on the UP2Live for more than one year.

How is a listing removed from the site?
Once a home or property is sold, it will be removed from the active listings on the UP2Live website. Rental properties can be removed from the active listings or, at the discretion of the owner, be kept active on the site, but identified as unavailable. This will allow potential renters to contact the owner and voice their interest in case the rental becomes available.