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Why should I search for a home or property on UP2Live?
Unlike other real-estate listing services, UP2Live is a new kind of real-estate search that focuses on the uniqueness of a home or property. Through our Uniqueness Factors certification process, UP2Live features homes or properties that directly connect you to the values that support how you wish to live your life. If you care about how the sense of place contributes to your community, then UP2Live is right for you!

Who do I contact if I am interested in viewing a home or property on UP2Live?
Each property or home has a Contact tab in which the Broker/Agent or Seller information is available. UP2Live is does not facilitate real estate transactions.

May I contact the Seller directly?
Each listing will show you the preferred contact for obtaining further information on the property or home.

What differentiates UP2Live from other real-estate listing and marketing sites?
Our aim is to bring to life the home, the community and the lifestyle for each of our listings. We take the time to uncover and share the place’s details using cinematography and story telling focusing on the Uniqueness Factors that make each place a Certified UniquePlace. With enhanced marketing and media technologies, UP2Live brings a place to life before you even step foot on the property. Quite simply, no other real-estate listing service compares.

What states will I be able to find a home through UP2Live?
Our initial service area is restricted to North Carolina, but stay tuned as we plan to expand!

Are there set terms for renting a home?
Each rental description will have its own specific details for leasing.

Any other questions?
Please Contact Us!